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Deposit from Tippi Bot

Deposit from Discord Tippi bot

– Start by logging in to KIWI Wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect at least once; that creates your KIWI Wallet account
– Log in to Discord and go to #tippi-deposits channel here 🔗
– The minimum deposit is 100 KIWI – and there is no maximum
– Use command $Tip @KIWI Wallet Deposit xyz KIWI
– As soon as Tippi bot confirms the tip, post your wallet address (see below)
– This method requires manual processing, so deposit is not immediate
– Log in to KIWI Wallet and check your transaction here 🔗
– Tippi Bot deposits to KIWI Wallet are 100% free
– Do not tip other tokens than KIWI using this method



Need to withdraw funds from your wallet to Tippi bot? Please send a request – 1000 KIWI minimum, please.