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KIWI Crawler

What is KIWI Crawler?

KIWI Crawler is a bot that monitors liquidity pools and pays out rewards in KIWI tokens.
It covers multiple chains, tokens, systems, and pools; it is universal and configurable.

Pools Covered:

Ethereum Mainnet: Uniswap v1 & v2, Balancer
Matic Network: SwapMatic
– More pools and chains can be added


Target: Reward token XYZ poolers
Amount: A daily amount of KIWI to poolers
Inverse: Reward smaller pools using the inverse proportion formula
Boost: More rewards for specific pools (e.g. “GRT-ETH Univ2” gets x1.618)
Schedule: Daily (default), hourly, something else

Funding and Payouts:

– Transfer funds to a certain KIWI Wallet and keep it funded
– Liquidity providers get rewards directly to their KIWI Wallet account
– Note: A KIWI Wallet is a requirement to receive rewards

The Workflow in a Nutshell:

– A client project contacts KIWI representatives
– KIWI project configures the Crawler as agreed and sets it in motion

Real example configuration:
– Monitor GRT pools in Uniswap v2 and Balancer
– Use the inverse formula to reward smaller pools more than large ones
– Use 100 KIWI/day
– See the results here

– The client project provides funds for rewards by moving tokens in KIWI Wallet address 0xABC123…
– The Crawler monitors pooled balances on a daily basis
– The Crawler deposits reward tokens directly to KIWI Wallets
– Users can keep their tokens in KIWI Wallet (interest %) or withdraw to Matic Network

The Crawler can be activated to your project as well! Contact us in discord!